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1. Routine is a template
A routine is a template for a workout, for not to set up the workout every time from scratch. Usually, the routine contains a list of exercises and instructions about the number of sets to do in each exercise, the number of reps to do in each set, and other optional parameters like rest between sets and exercises.

Several workout routines and the information on how to alternate them make a training program. Usually, there are several routines in each training program, and the training programs are changed every few months. To prevent the Routines screen from being cluttered with unused routines, we recommend organizing them using folders.
2. Building a routine
Building a routine is very similar to building a workout - so we refer you to the appropriate section.

3. Sharing and copying routines
You can share your workout routines with someone who also uses this app. Tap the Export Routines option in the menu, select the routines you want to export, and tap the corresponding button. You will get a JSON file you can send to somebody via e-mail or messenger.

Import works in a similar way. If someone has sent you a JSON file with the workout routines, tap the Import Routines option, browse for the file, and tap it.

Also, you can reorder routines and folders and move them from one folder to another. To duplicate a routine, use the Make a Copy option.