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1. Starting the workout
To start a workout, press the big blue button Start Workout on the home screen. If you already have any training routines, you can choose one to save time setting up exercises. Also, you can start a workout directly from a routine or by repeating a performed workout.
2. Setting up exercises
Press the Add Exercises button to open the exercises list. Find and select exercises you want to add and press a corresponding button. You can use exercises from the built-in database and create your own.

After exercises are added to the workout, you can reorder, delete, and replace them.

Tapping the exercise name opens its settings screen, where you can set rest times and tempo in working sets, assign an exercise to a superset, and see the history of performed sets.
3. Adding and filling in sets
Add the needed number of sets to each exercise. For deleting a set, swipe the corresponding row in a table.

You can fill in the set parameters (weight, reps, etc.) here or on a separate screen. To open it, tap on a set number. On this screen, you can mark the set as a warm-up and specify some optional parameters, like RPE/RIR, heart rate, calories burnt (in case of cardio exercises), etc.
4. Marking set as done
Mark the set done after you performed it. You can do it by tapping the Done button or checking the check box.

If you see gray numbers in the input fields of the next set - you don't have to enter these values manually. Just mark this set as done, and these numbers will be used automatically.

Also, marking the set as done starts the rest timer (if present, and automatic launch is allowed in the app's user settings).
5. Making notes
To add a note to an exercise in a workout, tap the exercise menu icon and enter the text.

If the note is important (something crucial about exercise technique, for example), you can pin it to an exercise - and it will be shown as a note for the exercise at every training session.

To delete the note, swipe it left.

In routines, such exercise notes are called instructions. If they are present in a routine, you will see them as a separate section while performing the workout based on the routine.
6. Finishing the workout
Tap the Finish Workout button.

Completed workouts are displayed on the history tab. Also, here you can see the Plus icon in the upper right corner of the screen - it is for entering past training data if needed.