When the scanner receives an image for processing, it knows what do the numbers mean. But he has no information about the exercises for which these numbers are written. Therefore, additional information is required, something like: "Exercise 1" is a Front Squat, "Exercise 2" is a Deadlift, and so on. Without that info, exercises will be marked as unknown, and you have to assign them, which is not convenient.

There are two options to inform the scanner about a list of exercises in the workout. First, you can select a workout routine on the first step of scanning. This way is robust but inflexible. Second, you can assign unique letter codes to exercises that you use during your workouts. For instance, "FS" for the Front Squats, "DL" for the Deadlift, etc.

You can use such codes simply as a replacement for exercise names or together with their names. An algorithm is simple - when the scanner sees several uppercase letters in a row, it considers these letters as code and tries to find an exercise that code matches. The same approach also works for cardio exercises.

Also, exercises with codes are visually highlighted and displayed at the top of the exercise list.

Below is a step-by-step guide.