For now, the scanner is not super clever and works reliably (at least we like to think so) only with neat handwriting, where each character is separated from another. Also, the date and time must follow a specific format.
Write clearly so that each character is separated from the others and has some space around, and everything will work as it should.
Use uppercase letters to indicate is time AM or PM. The 24-hour date format is also supported.
Use numbers only to write a date and use slashes to separate these numbers.
If the AM and PM symbols are printed in a template under the Start and Finish fields - cross out the related symbols. The time on a pic is 7:42 AM. In the case of 24-hour format - do not cross out anything.
Use numbers only to write the duration of cardio exercises and colons as separators.
Write numbers only, without measurement units.
Write the weight that you lift in the top cell and reps - in the bottom cell.
A special case: more than 8 sets per exercise
If an exercise name is blank, an algorithm adds its sets to an exercise mentioned in a row above. For instance, in a pic below DL (deadlift) exercise has 8 sets performed.
Important (if you are from Europe)!
Please write number one simply as a line, with no extra hook at the top and no line at the bottom. We've used a dataset of handwritten digits collected in the US to train the scanner. But in the US and Europe, some numbers are written slightly differently. That's why the scanner recognizes the "European" version of digit "1" as "7" or "4".